The Wonder Woman Workshop

Ignite YOUR Inner Wonder Woman
for Protection, Resilience, and Power!

To schedule a one-hour Wonder Woman intro mini-Workshop
or a One-Day WW Workshop, contact Susanna

Inspiration — A Journey to the Amazons’ Island

What would it be like to live in a culture where it never occurred to anybody that women were supposed to be submissive to men and live only to support others’ agendas?

On the island of the Amazons, in a parallel world to ours, lives a highly developed culture of women. They understand through their mythic tradition that a time will come when they must play a crucial role in saving humanity from the forces of destruction—from the annihilation that Aries, the god of war, would otherwise inflict on the world.

Their island is a gorgeous paradise, and much of their daily activity revolves around martial arts practice, so they will be prepared to fulfill their special destiny when the time comes.  They are compassionate, fierce, playful, and disciplined, and accomplished in their training—highly developed as women and as martial artists.

At this time, our world NEEDS authentically empowered women whose FULL EMBODIMENT grounds us so that we can hold our own center of gravity and draw our culture into its next level of development.  We MUST create a culture of authentic masculine/ feminine balance, where we honor and fully value women along with all living Beings.  We need to heal the sexual pathologies that our present culture supports (widespread rape, commercial exploitation of sexuality, cultural attitudes toward “beauty” that alienate women from their own bodies, etc.).  We need the strength to withstand the cultural forces that value corporate profits over the well-being of the Earth and all living Beings.

Afternoon Focus

We will have fun in our community of women, playing in the “thought experiment” of that island culture.  Gleaning lessons from the Amazons’ island, you will:

  1. Revisit or look more deeply into your Purpose — specifically how you might contribute as a woman at this time of cultural crisis, and the kind of support you might need to increase your effectiveness.
  2. Find your Passion — that force of Love that motivates you to do the work to fulfill your purpose and bring your vision into reality.
  3. Learn how to cultivate your Power — traditionally NOT associated with femininity in our culture—so that you can strengthen and maintain your energetic integration and balance in the face of the challenges that confront you along your unique path in life!

One of the great gifts of the martial arts is cultivation of mind-energy-body integration.  This is especially valuable in our culture with its long tradition of associating weakness, fragility, and accommodation to others’ agendas with femininity.  While your specific role is unlikely to require the kind of physical combat that was Wonder Woman’s destiny, you can still benefit enormously from the kind of integration and energetic foundation that Ch’i Gong and the martial arts offer.

Susanna will reveal some simple but invaluable Ch’i Gong secrets, along with some non-time-consuming but powerful techniques that can be used to maintain or quickly restore your energetic integration in circumstances where you might otherwise feel disempowered.

Suit Up for the Evening Session!!!

Finally, we will put together our Wonder Woman costumes. This step symbolizes and anchors the inner work we have done — plus it’s A LOT OF FUN!!!

If you saw the recent movie, you probably noticed that the women of the Amazons’ island wore unique outfits with different colors and styles, although certain elements were common.  You will be invited to at least begin to put together your own costume.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you like.  If you have time before the workshop, you can gather elements of your costume.  I will send you some suggestions for sources upon registration.  If you are registering at the last minute, or “not that into the costume thing,” no worries–you can participate in this aspect of the celebration to whatever extent you feel comfortable!

We will also celebrate with clips from the recent, popular movie on the same topic.  Even if you have seen it before, you will appreciate it with new eyes after our workshop.  We can use our “mirror neurons” to further anchor the lessons and discuss our insights for integrating the Wonder Woman energy into our own lives.

And we will take pictures of each other and our new sisterhood of Wonder Women — to help you carry the energy and fun of this special day into your future!

Investment for this workshop is $45, including some costume supplies.