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Susanna McCan helps women cultivate radiant beauty, sexual vitality, and magnetism–at any age. Susanna developed the Whole Body Goddess self-healing practices and the Radiant Embodied Woman program and has been teaching them for about nine years. 

 Susanna draws on the following training and experience to support women in their self-healing and self-empowerment: 

  • Formal education (Harvard University degree in cultural anthropology and Jungian psychology)–yielded insights into how culture affects women’s presumed roles and how archetypal energies in the psyche can be harnassed for deep transformation.    


  • Two decades as a professional meditation teacher and practitioner in the Vedic tradition, including three years of full-time practice in a reclusive women’s community–deeply grounded in both Eastern and Western spiritual and religious traditions.  
  • Training and experience as a coach specializing in coaching visionaries and creative professionals–with coaching skills and experience useful to out-of-the-box clients!
  • A long career as an architectural designer and consultant in an ancient Vedic system of sacred architecture—Vastu. This deepened her appreciation of the human body as a temple, the Cosmic nature of the human body made in the “image of God,” and the female body in particular as the sacred Original Home of every human being born on Earth!  Your human “Body as a Temple” is WAY more than just a metaphor to Susanna!
  • Study and engagement with a variety of approaches aspiring to “sacred sexuality”–so lots of knowledge to share with you!
  • 12+ years of intensive Ch’i Gong training, including women’s sexual Ch’i Gong—oriented toward strengthening health and maintaining lifelong vitality–qualified to guide you to cultivate your sexual vitality!  
  • Life experience both as a single woman and as a wife and mother, able to empathize with a very wide range of women’s experience and challenges.

Susanna enjoys her community of cultural change creatives in Fairfield, Iowa and beyond, and her little lakeside ecological Vastu home surrounded by Nature.

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