The concept of “sacred sexuality” is not supported in our culture.  When I mentioned it in a workshop I was giving, one of the women looked quite shocked and said, “I’ve never heard those two words put together before!”

The people mostly interested in the “sacred” try to pretend that the “sexuality” part of it doesn’t really matter and hope that they as individuals are able to make peace with their sexual fortunes (or lack thereof) in life.  At worst, they continue the tradition of putting sexuality into the “shadow,” fearing and avoiding the issue(s), suppressing their vitality and living only part of their potential.

The people interested in the “sexuality” part of it aspire to a fulfilling, active sex life, but mostly don’t see any connection with the “sacred.”  Many want to keep religion and spirituality out of it, because of the long history of prudishness and repression that the religious and spiritual systems have imposed.  Many succeed to an extent, but there is rampant suffering out there—mismatches between partners, ignorance about what to do about it, sexual abuse and power plays, or just feeling that something is horribly missing.

My work is about integrating the “higher” and “lower” expressions of the Divine, thereby enriching both.  Since there is no support for this in the larger culture, my personal commitment/ desire moving into 2019 is to create an ongoing program on Exploring Sacred Sexuality for those who have taken one of my Whole Body Goddess workshops or attended a retreat.  We can create our own subculture that DOES explore these issues and incorporate solutions into our lives!!!  (More about this program in future blogs!)