Ask yourself:  Which of these three major power centers am I most comfortable with?

  1. Head, upper chakras:  Cosmic Awarenesss, Divine Inspiration, imagination, cognition, verbal communication, etc.
  2. Heart, unifying chakra:  Love, connection with others, ability to harmonize, expanded fine feeling level.
  3. Abdomen, lower chakras:  Grounding in physical body, comfort navigating physical reality, good survival instincts including ability to fight or flee when needed, sexual vitality, personal power and ability to stand up for yourself.

Most of the spiritually oriented people I know, are “all in” for the head and the heart.  Divine Inspiration and the liberation of expanded Awareness are clearly great blessings.  After all, “God is Love,” and we have no problem as spiritual seekers seeking to cultivate compassion and other gifts of the heart.
Most of us, however, have way more ambivalence about the abdominal power center and the lower chakras!
When these centers are unbalanced and/or unintegrated, you are either excessively materialistic and identified with outer values and/or you have trouble taking care of yourself and garnering the resources you need for financial survival. You either attract undesired or harmful sexual interest or you can’t attract the partner you want. You may be either compulsive about sex or so shut down that it is affecting your health and vitality, your intimate partnership, your joy and enthusiasm for life, and your creativity. You may dominate and coerce others into doing what you want—more typical of men in our culture.  Or you may be a “pleaser,” live your life for others or through others, feel victimized, sacrifice your authenticity to meet others’ expectations, and have trouble knowing, expressing, or standing up for yourself—more typical of women in our culture.
When the lower centers are balanced and integrated, you feel at home and secure about your place in the world.  You take good care of yourself and feel confident in your ability to meet your financial and other material needs.  You enjoy your sexuality and are confident in your attractiveness and in your ability to calibrate your sexual energy appropriately in different social situations and with your intimate partner(s).  You are enthusiastic about life.  You maintain healthy boundaries, and you respect both yourself and others. You are confident in your ability to stand your ground, and you use life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
Ask yourself:  Am I ready to experience the profound truth that the lower centers are actually every bit as sacred as the sacred heart and the upper spiritual centers?  Am I ready to claim and honor the Holy Ground of my own embodiment?  Am I ready to awaken and integrate new layers of my authentic personal power?
Consider attending my weekend retreat, “Coming Home to the Holy Ground of Your Female Body.” The retreat provides a very rare and special opportunity for women to explore and learn how to awaken and integrate this lower power center in a loving, safe, supportive context! 

All blessings,