Why NOW?  And why do I believe that NOW is a great break-through time for women—including YOU and me???

In the recent mid-term elections, an unprecedented number of diverse, creative, passionate women successfully used their personal power to achieve political power. 

Even though we are still collectively far from where we need to be, in the week since the election, I have been feeling a massive upsurge in breakthrough energy and support for women!!!  I believe conditions are ripe for women generally to achieve their next levels of success in whatever arenas they care about.

For a long, long time, women have been laying the foundation for full empowerment.  Simply enduring millennia of patriarchal dominance has given women quite a lot of inner strength and, once freed from cultural blinders, great clarity on how our culture needs to evolve!  Early feminists tirelessly fought for the vote.  Many, many women have overcome huge obstacles to develop careers and gain footholds in areas that had previously been considered the exclusive domain of men.  Most had to learn to function in a man’s world, and many women want NOW to reintegrate and nourish their feminine side.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the women I know—and especially YOU reading this (!!!)  I want to acknowledge you for your courage to explore–and for all the inner and outer work you have done to raise Consciousness and otherwise contribute to restoring masculine/ feminine balance in our culture!

Do you feel this break-through energy???  It has a lot to do with women getting comfortable claiming and using power—political power, leadership power, power to bring their work more consistently into the world, the power of sovereignty over their own bodies and sexuality (#metoo movement, etc.), and their authority to shape their lives around their own true inner values, passion, and sense of purpose.

In our culture, power has traditionally been thought to be mostly a male prerogative and not a feminine value.  But Power and Self-Sovereignty are human rights, not male privileges!

This is a GREAT time to go deeper into your value as a woman and connect with your own authentic power.  By “authentic power” I mean power to create and act, integrated with your spiritual wisdom and your heart compassion

What does this time of emergence for women mean to YOU?  What do YOU most want to unfold from with yourself? 

With love and blessings,